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Worker's Compensation

Why We are Different

At Ortho.Boston, we consider ourselves to be a concierge-style practice that provides our guests unparalleled care.  Our expectation is to provide the time, quality, and communication necessary to facilitate optimal care.  Here are a few of the services we provide:

  • Same day appointments

  • Variable time options to suit your schedule (5 AM - 9:30 PM)

  • Phone and correspondence response time 24 hours or less

  • Real-time online scheduling/rescheduling through our website

  • Special WC Portal that will alert us of your request

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If you or your guest have a work-related injury, request an appointment as soon as possible, or you can book your own appointment online now.  Please make sure to have the following information ready to provide to us:

  • Your employer's information

  • Your workers' compensation insurance carrier information

  • Your claim number

  • Date of injury

  • Adjuster information

Once you are registered in our system, please allow time for our office to obtain authorization along with your medical records prior to being scheduled. 

Adjusters & Nurse Case Managers

To request work status, next appointment, copy of the last chart note and/or medical records, email Carlene Ziegler at or call our direct status line at 781-429-7700.  

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