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Patient Information



  • Newton Wellesley Outpatient Surgery Center (OSC)

NPO Guidelines

  • At Midnight

    • Stop eating all solid foods or dairy products​

    • Stop chewing gum and stop eating candy

  • Day of Surgery

    • One hour before checking into the hospital, drink one to two glasses of clear liquids from the list below to ensure you are adequately hydrated.  After finishing it, please stop drinking.

    • Stop all liquids 3 hours prior to the start of your surgery.

    • If you are diabetic and feel symptoms of low blood sugar or your finger stick reading is low, please drink one of the clear liquids that contain sugar such as apple juice, grape juice or regular soda.

  • Approved list of clear fluids

    • Gatorade

    • Powerade

    • Clearfast

    • Pedialyte

    • Apple Juice

    • Cranberry Juice

    • Grape Juice

    • Water

    • Regular or diet soda (such as Coke, Sprite, Pepsi)

    • Black coffee or black tea (NO milk, cream, or non-dairy creamer)


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