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Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR)

When Should I Consider This?

  • You have a massive rotator cuff tear involving the rotator cuff tendon on the top of the shoulder joint (supraspinatus)

  • The tendon is not fixable or you had a previous surgery to fix it that has now failed.

  • You can still raise your arm above shoulder level pretty well or with just a little help from your other arm.

  • You have no or mild shoulder arthritis (i.e. the cartilage in your shoulder is still good).

Why Does it Work?

  • A massive rotator cuff tear can cause the "balance" of the shoulder to be off.

  • This can result in pain and decreased strength and motion.

  • The reconstructed capsule results restores the "roof" on the top of the shoulder.

  • Tissue graft also acts as a pad between the ball of the shoulder and the point of the shoulder above it.

Arthrex   Superior Capsular Reconstruction
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How is it Performed?

  • Asleep under general anesthesia

  • In operating room at hospital/center

  • Arthroscopic procedure (small incisions)

  • Outpatient surgery (go home same day)

  • Donated tissue used to reconstruct capsule


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