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What is a "SLAP" tear?

  • "SLAP" stands for a superior labrum anterior-posterior tear.  The labrum is the medical term for the bumper around the shoulder socket.  The biceps tendon attaches to the top (or superior) part of this bumper.  Where the biceps yanks on this area, you can tear the biceps, the labrum, or both.  A tear in this area is called a SLAP tear.  
SLAP tear, type II
biceps tendon
labrum should attach here at the top of the socket

How does a SLAP tear happen?

  • Posterior portal (viewing)
  • Superior anterolateral portal with 6mm cannula (suture shuttling while in glenohumeral joint)
  • Lateral portal with 6 mm cannula (suture tying while in subacromial space)
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