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Lateral Epicondyle

Lateral epicondylitis, referred to as "tennis elbow", is an inflammation of the forearm muscle tendons that meet on the outside of the elbow


The ECRB is commonly affected.


Repetitive wrist extension and pronation leads the ECRB weakening resulting in small tears in the muscle containing inflammation and pain.


Risk Factors

Tennis players are not the only population to suffer from lateral epicondylitis. Occupations that require repetitive use of the forearm muscles increases ones risk of developing the condition. These include the following:



Weakened grip strength


Pain worsened with forearm activity (e.g. holding a racquet)


Pain or burning sensation over the lateral elbow


Diagnostic tests include manual palpitation of the area, grip strength tests, and a variety of provocative tests including the Mill's Test.


Lateral Epicondylitis is commonly treated non-operatively with a success rate of up to 95%!

Non-operative treatment options include: activity modification, ice, NSAIDs, physical therapy and a variety of injection therapies, which we offer in clinic!

If prolonged non-operative treatment fails the patient may consider a surgical release and debridement of the ECRB.

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