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Hip Hemiarthroplasty Rehab Protocol

Keys to a Successful Outcome

  • As the pain begins to subside, it is important to progressively increase physical activity, such as walking, to avoid deconditioning. 

  • Once you complete physical therapy, continue performing the strengthening exercises at home on a regular basis to maintain strength.

  • Use your FWW at all times when walking during the first six weeks. Even if the distance is minimal, it is important to be cautious to reduce the risk of re-injuring the surgical site.

Weeks 1-6
FWW at all times
AROM/AAROM with following restrictions: No flex > 90°, IR > 0°, or Add past midline*
Heel slides; co-contractions of quads/hams; straight leg raise; sitting knee extension; mini squats 0-45°;forward, retro and lateral step downs; double leg heel raises; Abd strengthening
Weeks 6-9
Wean from FWW
Progress from Phase I as tolerated; continue to caution against hip flexion > 90°
Continue previous exercises; may add wall squats, hip machine, single leg heel raises; for cardio may add stationary bike, treadmill walking, or pool therapy
Weeks 9-12
Progress from Phase II as tolerated; can perform hip flexion >90°
Continue previous exercises; isotonic hamstring/knee extension machines; propioception exercises as tolerated; practice sit-to-stand, stair training; hip flexibility


* Posterior hip precautions for 6 weeks.

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