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Hip Abductor (Gluteus Medius) Repair Rehab Protocol

Keys to a Successful Outcome

  • In order to allow the tendon to heal back to the bone after the procedure, weight bearing and strengthening exercises will be more protected and limited in the first rehabilitation phase.

  • Each patient will progress at a different rate depending on multiple factors including, but not limited to: the specific procedure performed, age, preexisting health status and rehab compliance.

  • Pushing to extremes of motion beyond pain tolerance does not enhance function but rather increases discomfort and may affect the healing tendon.

WB Status
Weeks 0-4
No active Hip Abd/IR; No Passive Hip ER/Add
Hip PROM; Begin Hip Ext, Add, ER isometrics at 2 weeks; Hamstring isotonics; Pelvic tilts; Upper body circuit training
Weeks 4-8
No restrictions
Weeks 4-6: PWB; Weeks 7-8: Progress w/ WBAT w/ crutches
Progress core and hip strengthening; Start isometric hip flexion; Stool rotations IR/ER (20°); Begin isotonic Hip Add
Weeks 8-12
Wean from crutches
No restrictions
Progressive WBAT with no crutches and normal gait
Progress with ROM; Hip joint mobilization; Progress core strengthening (focus on posterior pelvic tilt)
Weeks 12+
No restrictions
Closed chain and open chain strengthening exercises; Non-impact hip, core and balance training; Non-impact endurance training





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