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Total Knee Arthroplasty

Post-Op Protocol

Post-operative Therapy Guidelines

A total knee arthroplasty surgery is a big undertaking, and full recovery is not obtained until 1-2 years from the procedure.  Improvements will be seen week to week, so don't be frustrated if you are not up "running around" in 3 months.  Compliance with the therapy regimen is important to decrease the chance of stiffness after surgery and prevent other complications.

Follow-Up Appointment Timeline (After Surgery)
  • 10-14 days - Wound check, range of motion check, give you a copy of your operative note.

  • 6 weeks - Review x-rays.

  • 3 months - Review progress with therapy, range of motion check

  • 6 months - Review x-rays, assess progress

  • 1 Year - Review x-rays

  • 2 Year - If needed

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