Achilles Tendon Tear Rehab Protocol

Keys to Success

  • Patients who are treated nonsurgically must take added caution because suture fixation makes surgical repair more robust than nonsurgical treatment.

  • It is important to avoid dorsiflexion the Achilles tendon beyond neutral in the first 6 weeks of treatment, after which the patient may begin controlled progressive stretching.

  • The healing tendon is vulnerable, and care must be taken to avoid sudden loading of the Achilles tendon during activities of daily living (eg, ascending stairs) because it can result in rerupture.

  • Gradual return to low-impact activities may commence at 6 months after injury.  High-impact activities (eg, soccer, football, rugby) may be considered after 9 months if the ability to perform a single-limb heel rise is demonstrated.


*Boot is required while sleeping but can be removed for bathing and dressing.

**Use friction or ultrasound therapy for scar mobilization, not stretching.

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